Performance / Editorial Design

The project was to develop a form of physical constraint that influences my way of drawing. The restraint chosen was to draw on transparency while looking through a big glass bowl. The distortion from the bowl led to a warped drawing. Furthermore, knowing my inability to draw well, it became even more of a challenge. As such, I titled the book as “I can’t draw”.


However, there is an added meaning of “i can’t draw Singapore”. There is a process book and the final book is a compilation of 25 illustrations done based on landscapes from Singapore. The idea of being unable to capture the entirety of Singapore. Singapore is everchanging and given the melting pot of culture, there is not one landscape that can accurately capture the full story of Singapore. Even as these drawings are made, the landscapes could be changing. 


     As such what I have are merely 




                         of Singapore pieced together, 


attempting to tell 

                                   a part

                     of an ever-growing country.