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Q&M Dental Group

Branding (Stationery Set)

This rebranding project was done as part of a production studio class in school. We were tasked to create a logo and stationery set (namecard, letterhead and envelope) for a Singaporean company of our choice. 


I choose to work on Q & M Dental Group. I uploaded parts of my design proposal which explains my reason for choosing to work on the branding of this company and my design thinking.


I choose to use a bubblegum pink to resemble the colour of the gum and tongue in the mouth. It also seems more friendly and welcoming. I contrasted it with dark blue to make the design more attractive and fun.


The logo itself is a play on the negative space of the letter "M" and the underline to make the shape of a toothbrush. The white box not only represents the brush, it also looks like the teeth with the gum. 


For the namecard I made it look like a set of teeth as well as a denture/retainer box. When you open it, the typography helps to draw the eyes around the space to read all the information. The embossing of the teeth marks on the inside also adds a fun feature to the namecard. The back of it is also an appointment card which encourages patients to take note of their next visit. 


The typography of letterhead emulates that of the namecard. At the back, I did a patterned design of teeth and I added the mission of the company at the footer. 


For the envelope, I played with the flap of it to make an element of surprise; when folded it makes the image of a toothbrush which matches the visuals of the logo.


Overall, the design aims to make Q & M Dental Group more friendly and memorable by reminding the customers of the many professional dental services they provide with a touch of enthusiasm and quirkiness.

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