UI/UX Design

Happiness is a choice that revolves around how you manage yourself around the environment you are currently in. Happinest is the app to encourage this environment. It is used to carry out the social campaign of Pass-Happi-On which quite literally means to pass “happiness” on.


Features in the app:

  • Personalised profile

  • Happinest

  • Pass-Happi-On

  • Pledge To Be Happy

  • Messenger


Happinest is a nest of content where people can share about the things they did that made them happy and other fun content.


Pass-Happi-On which is a social campaign to spread happiness. Through the app you can send fun challenges like “record yourself singing a song for the challenger and send it to them” and vise versa. The aim is to hopefully be able to create a more fun lifestyle where friends are constantly encouraging each other to be happier.