Spatial Design/ Mixed Media Installation

A collaboration with Fang Siqi

“Bridges are metaphors for everything in life. The bridge is not just about getting back and forth between north and south. The bridge is about connecting our communities.”

— Jim West


The Gap is one of the most iconic place within Gillman Barracks. Situated near the entrance along Alexandra Road, this ravine was where SAF combat officers practised constructing and demolishing a triple-triple Bailey bridge. This operation, named Exercise Lotus, was the toughest training in Gillman Camp and had left many national service (NS) men with bittersweet memories. As such, it was chosen as the site for this project.


Forget-Me-Knot is a mind map of old memories that ex-servicemen have of Gillman Barracks, handwritten and heat transferred onto strips of white cloth. These memories, together with other strips of rougher textiles in camouflage colours, are then knotted onto military garters and hooked on to the current pedestrian bridge that lies in The Gap. The result is an interlacing network of bittersweet memories subjected to weathering, symbolizing the way memories can be altered in the mind as time passes.


As old memories are preserved, new experiences are formed simultaneously. The second part of Forget-Me-Knot is an interactive word game that engages users of the bridge in forming short phrases that describe their current impressions of Gillman Barracks. In contrast to the old memories, the words are brightly coloured to reflect the contemporary nature of new experiences, and the current function of Gillman Barracks as an Arts centre.