Interactive Zine Design

I decide to work on the topic of "Happiness" and specifically raising awareness about appreciating the happiness in the simple things. This topic is something very personal to me and I constantly struggle with it. 

The cover page is an interactive piece where on an random time holding the book, it might be a sad face. However, I can shake it to turn the frown around. Through this, I want to show how happiness is a choice. 

When you first open the book, there is a web of situations that make me sad. This is a way for me to reflect on the negativity I have in my life.  On the second spread, it is an interactive page of velcro icon stickers where the readers can change according to what they felt made me happy at that point of time. 


The main bulk of the zine involved asking my friends to write/illustrate something simple on what makes them happy. I printed it on their favourite colour or a colour that makes them happy. On the right of the page, I attached a polaroid of them smiling or just goofing around.  

Having them handwrite it would give the zine a more interpersonal feeling and give an identity to the page. The page with the polaroid is made with fabric/recycled paper and there is a short text printed at the back which represents my after thought on what makes me happy based on what they have illustrated. The idea of the polaroid and choice of material is to show how happiness is spontaneous where it can come at any instant and the same feeling can be felt by anyone. 

I binded the book by accordion binding and the pages will be connected through stitching. This is to show how the happiness of one person can influence those around that person; like a flow of energy. Ultimately this zine sums up what makes me happy the most: the happiness of my friends and my friends make me the happiest.

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