For a school project - A conceptual project to design the book cover based on the play of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.



The red string of fate is known to be linked to the concept of love so I molded together red strings to make the jacket cover. However, their love is forbidden in the story due to the lack of social support driven by the structure of society. As such the support and structure essentially destroyed this - the red string of fate. Therefore, the jacket is strung in a messy and disruptive kind of manner.

I will also use a touch of black ink to stain the red strings to show how their love eventually progressed to their tragic fate.


I explored the concept of opposition on the front cover in an abstract manner of contrasting lines to show how Romeo is different from the rest and how he deviates from social norms. 


While the book sleeve expresses the concept of opposition by showing The Great Divide of two opposing housing of Capulate and Montague, which by extension can be represented by Romeo and Juliet. “Juliet” contrast distinctively from “Romeo” to show how they are not meant to be with each other and the tears at the edges show how they were forced to be torn apart by death. The back of the book cover is based on the idea of social disorder through the use of forms being scattered and diffused around the page. 


I wanted to express the concept of their relationship to be a kind of emotion based on perspective by making readers turn the sleeve over, which reveals the union of Romeo and Juliet who saw beyond their status and position to seek love for themselves.